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Russia's Nessie: 5 Places to search for Lake Monsters
Deep-water dives in the icy, Siberian depths of Yakutia’s Lake Labynkyr have sparked “Loch Ness Fever” in every watery corner of Russia. RBTH looks at expeditions and legends that surround some of Russia’s strangest waters
Grozny: day in the city revived from the ashes
Today, Grozny is perhaps the most famous city in the Northern Caucasus. Unfortunately, its fame is largely connected to the sad events of the last decade of the past century. At that time, the city became the epicenter of fierce fighting. But those events are now in the past, so put aside all stereotypes about Grozny
The Greatest Explorers in Russian History
Over the course of the centuries, explorers have combed the wilds of Russia in search of furs, river sources, and oceans. Read the stories of the ambitious adventurers that literally put Russia on the map
Gatchina: From the Imperial Age to Today
Gatchina is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic suburbs of St. Petersburg. It was the favorite residence of Emperors Paul I and Alexander III. Gatchina is also considered the birthplace of the Russian military air force, and it is here that the Maltese Order met