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Russia for all seasons: 5 year-round destinations
Russia is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations with up to 30 million annual visitors. Most prefer to visit Russia during summer, but there are plenty of things to see and do any time of year. Here are 5 destinations you can travel to all year round.
Moscow’s secret museums: 7 art galleries you need to visit
RBTH has selected a few art galleries that don’t usually appear in the guidebooks. In addition to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Kremlin, there are quite a few private art foundations that bring international exhibitions to Moscow.
St. Petersburg's 7th sky: Who lives on the city's roofs?
Most city residents have no idea of the world above their heads and the subculture that spends free time on their roofs. Some earn money from their hobby, but for many the most important thing is the incredible views of the city that you won't get from the ground.
Winter, bears and danger: 3 popular myths about Siberia
According to popular stereotypes it is always winter in Siberia and brown bears walk the streets. In other words – it’s a dangerous place. The reality, however, is quite different. RBTH discusses the 3 most widespread stereotypes about Siberia.
The ultimate Russian Christmas gift guide
One of the best presents you can get this time of year is a trip to Russia for the winter holidays. Apart from seeing Russia’s stunning winter first hand and the unforgettable adventure that awaits you can also bring home many charming souvenirs. Here are a few tips.