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My Town: Natasha's Surgut
In our new series, My Town, ordinary Russians introduce you to their cities and tell you what makes them unique. What is it about your town that you can find nowhere else?
Feeding mind, body & soul at Moscow’s iconic former chocolate factory
In the middle of Moscow River there’s an island opposite the Christ the Savior Cathedral. The iconic red brick Krasny Oktyabr Chocolate Factory used to be on the eastern tip. All good things come to an end, as the saying goes. Another saying dictates that when one door closes another one opens.
Zlatoust: the home of Russian steel and Europe’s highest mountain tram
Old and historic, Zlatoust is one of the most beautiful and visited towns in the southern Ural Mountains. It is the heartland of weapons manufacturing, the art of steel engraving and features one of the highest mountain trams in the world, ferrying people through forests and alongside alpine peaks.
Dangerous encounters: in search of killer whales
In June 2014 whale specialists went to Paramushir Island in the Kuril archipelago to find out what type of killer whales inhabits this unexplored area, but they encountered more than just whales. RBTH publishes excerpts from the team’s diaries written during their mission to the Russian Far East.
The Chuysky Trakt: Siberia’s Silk Road
You can travel along the Chuysky Trakt, Altai’s most beautiful road, by car or bike. Not only will you see caves, lakes, rivers, Mt. Belukha and steppe – but you can also get to know Russia’s rural culture, the everyday life of Altai Kazakhs and experience the character of wild, primordial Siberia.
Sunsets, music and fun: where to love life in Moscow this summer
Until a few summers ago Moscow made no use of its stunning river views, colorful sunsets and pleasant temperatures. Roof top bars were unheard of, the nascent music festival scene took place mostly indoors and spending time outdoors was limited to strolls in the park or going to dacha paradise.
A never-ending feast: St. Petersburg’s best annual events
St. Petersburg is much more than just a vibrant city: it’s a never-ending feast. From its wide avenues to its ornate remnants from its Imperial past, Russia’s Venice of the North never fails to impress. If you dream of coming St. Petersburg, check our shortlist of St. Petersburg’s best annual events.