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From the Black Sea to the Baltic: Russia by car
California’s Highway 1, Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way and Australia’s Great Ocean Road are generally regarded as among the most beautiful coastal drives on Earth. The subtropical strip along Russia’s Black Sea territory from Adler up to Anapa always had the potential to rival them.
Barnaul: what to see in the gateway to Altai
Barnaul is the industrial heart of Altai Territory, an important region near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan. Altai’s mountain plants are quite famous all over Russia and many of them are shipped off from here.
Avacha Bay: Russia’s eastern sea gates
Avacha Bay, one of the most beautiful symbols of Kamchatka, is the peninsula’s main sea gateway (most goods here arrive by sea) and is an easy-to-reach destination for tourists. Getting to the bay takes just 10-15 minutes by taxi from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
Across the continents: leaving Asia, entering Europe
The Trans-Siberian Highway spans nearly 7,500 kilometers before reaching the Ural Mountains, which separate Europe from Asia. The Urals feature numerous opportunities for getting off the highway and enjoying nature.
Seven picturesque reasons to visit the Ural region
The Urals are a special place: it is the only mountain range in the world that divides a continent, separating Europe from Asia. It is also known as the “stone belt” of Russia extending for over 2000 kilometers from north to south and its “blue necklace” with its many wonderful lakes.